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MHXCo Finalizes General Manager Position

MHXCo Foam Company is pleased to announce that Paul Schulz is taking the reins as General Manager. Paul will oversee MHXCo’s operations and lead the strategic direction of the company. He will support and develop tactical initiatives to achieve profitable growth, enhance services, and improve operational efficiency.

Dan Jeffery, Interim General Manager, will move over to Adhesive Applications to support sales and technical initiatives. Steve Trembley will focus on high-quality manufacturing as the Director of Operations at MHXCo.

Paul graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Bucknell University and has added multiple certifications over his professional career in Statistical Process Controls (SPC), Six Sigma, Executive Management, and more.

Prior to joining MHXCo, Paul was President for 14 years at Evaporated Metal Films (EMF) Corporation. His accomplishments include augmenting corporate revenue by 300%, acquiring 15% new customers YOY, and spearheading multi-practice functions across departments. Paul also facilitated design, development, and rollout while administering 12 product lines targeting defense, aerospace, automotive, healthcare, semiconductor, lighting, and chemical process industries.

With decades of experience in manufacturing, Paul has served as General Manager and Global VP of Operations at various other manufacturing companies.

Paul is excited to join a company that is strongly focused on providing value to customers and employees. One of the main goals he set for himself is to establish a results-driven, employee-empowered, and continuous improvement focused approach in leading the team by utilizing his personal strengths, which include business, technical, and operation skills.

“Paul brings a deep understanding of business fundamentals and a proven track record to MHXCo,” said Petra Schaefer, Owner of MHXCo, and President of Adhesive Applications. “We can’t wait to see what he can do to elevate MHXCo and exceed our customer expectations and partner with Adhesive Applications to deliver value. His warmth and humor make him a wonderful addition to our team.”

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